Weve, the joint venture between O2, Vodafone and EE, have today announced a partnership with MasterCard to make NFC payments a reality for 80% of mobile subscribers in the UK.

The move is designed to reduce the barriers to entry for organisations, notably banks, wishing to offer contactless payments to their customers, with Weve noting that "to date, banks wanting to get involved in mobile payments have had to engage in complex development and integration projects, which often only address only one area of the market."

No details have yet been provided on when the partnership will result in the first publicly-available NFC payments service based on Weve's platform, but Weve have previously stated that NFC payments will be available to users in 2014.

With Weve being the result of a partnership between the UK's leading MNOs, it can be assumed that the company's contactless payments solution will be using a physical SIM-based secure element, but use of Google's Host Card Emulation and software secure elements has not yet been ruled out.

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