Telefonica have partnered with Monet+, a Czech provider of digital security solutions, to create an Android application that allows users to login to their Windows computer by tapping a phone to an NFC reader.

The partnership with Telefonica allows ProID+ to use the network operator's SIM card as a secure element for the Android application. This adds an extra level of security when compared to existing NFC login solutions, such as the ASUS NFC Login application.

In addition to this, ProID+ does not require any specific or proprietary NFC hardware to function. In a statement to NFC Brief, Monet+ revealed that ProID+ uses Microsoft's Smart Card Minidriver technology, which is readily available via Windows Update. As a result of this, USB NFC readers from a range of manufacturers can be used with ProID+ in a "plug-and-play" fashion.

The company suggested that support for non-Windows operating systems is also being explored, with Linux and Mac OS compatibility being a possibility:
"Since we know Microsoft is not the only platform, the SIM-based smart card functionality is also accessible by PKCS#11 interface (Windows, Linux and Mac OS). The PKCS#11 library has to be, however, installed manually on the target system and an application must be linked to the library to use it."
ProID+ is not yet available to the public, but a pilot run is being considered for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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  1. Alexander Gromov says:

    What about power usage with NFC always on? How much faster does the battery discharge when your phone constantly looks for NFC tags\devices?

  2. Dominic Rose says:

    Thanks I've used this info to do some Wake On Lan for my PC to start music at a certain hour configured by my phone

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