Orange, the European mobile network operator, will be releasing new APIs to developers, providing access to the NFC secure element in Orange's SIM cards, as well as simplified NFC card emulation.

Orange began distributing NFC SIMs to subscribers with compatible phones in some of its European markets during 2012. The SIMs allow for secure NFC services, such as payments via the Orange Quick Tap Application and public transport ticketing.

The planned APIs should allow third party developers to work in partnership with Orange to develop their own secure NFC applications. The APIs will also allows developers to more easily access card emulation mode in smartphones equipped with an Orange SIM. This could be used for phone-based building access, event ticketing or loyalty tracking.

An Orange Partner representative told NFC Brief that "around Orange’s SIM-based secure elements, yes, the idea behind this project is to simplify the implementation of card emulation mode. Orange will provide developers with interfaces (APIs) to allow them to embed card emulation capabilities into their mobile applications."

No further information was provided on when the APIs would be released.

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