Moneto, a DeviceFidelity company, have today announced the launch of a new NFC payments service for iPhone users in the UK.

Moneto offer NFC payments through third party accessories, with an iCaisse case being used to provide NFC functionality for iPhone 4/4S users. MicroSD-based secure elements will soon be made available for users of Android phones wishing to make use of Moneto's  NFC payments.

The service is in partnership with Kalixa Group and MasterCard, allowing for use of the Kalixa-issued prepaid card with the numerous PayPass terminals around the country.

DeviceFidelity had previously only offered the Moneto service in the United States of America, but are now taking steps to expand throughout Europe. Ed Chandler, Kalixa's CEO, explained why the UK was chosen to be the first European market, stating that "the UK is one of the fastest growing prepaid markets in the world and is a leader in terms of NFC and contactless acceptance at the point of sale".

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