Google have recently launched a new out-of-home advertising campaign in three of Australia's largest airports. The campaign uses NFC to allow for user interaction with the adverts.

Members of the public are able to tap their NFC-enabled devices on the billboards located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports. This then directs the user to a website where they are able to remotely control what is shown at one of 39 large digital displays at the airports by interacting with the website on their phone or tablet.

There have already been over 2,000 interactions with the adverts, which exceeds any of the previous trial runs that the organisers, oOh!, have conducted globally.

Robbie Dery, oOh's group director for their airport advertising division, said that Google chose Australian airports because of the "premium digital environment in combination with the high dwell time of travellers which provided a unique mix to encourage maximum engagement."

A video of the campaign is embedded below.

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