An Android application, in combination with NFC technology, will be used to verify the authenticity of some of the most expensive wines in the world.

Château Le Pin have partnered with Selinko to add NFC tags to the labels of their bottles of wine. Customers are then able to download Selinko's application and tap their phone to the bottle, which can cost tens of thousands of Euros, to confirm its authenticity.

The Belgian-based startup, formed in September 2012, say that they have "taken care to ensure that our solution is discreet in its appearance (being attached to the label on the bottle), thereby fully preserving the original character of each bottle."

A selinko spokesperson told NFC Brief that "consumers are informed on how to tap thanks to a leaflet joined in each case and can surf on for more info."

NFC tags for authentication will be included on Le Pin 2010 Vintage bottles. A picture of the label can be seen below, with the NFC tag being indicated by Selinko's logo below '2010'.


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