Weve, a joint venture formed by UK telecommunications networks O2, Vodafone and EE, have plans to launch their mobile NFC payment services to members of the public before the end of 2014.

The comments from Weve's CEO, David Sear, come following Visa's confirmation that it would be launching mobile NFC payments within the UK by December 2013.

The service would aim to unify offers, loyalty rewards and payments in a single application, which would be hosted on a SIM-based secure element. In its current state, Weve mainly provide opt-out text deals and offers to their network of 17 million UK subscribers.

Speaking to the Financial Times about the future payments service, Sear said "There is a single deal, single technical agreement with a neutral, device-agnostic platform"; "We want to be mass market straight away – which means at least 50 per cent of consumers by the end of next year."

Following recent concerns surrounding the telecommunications industry's compliance in government-backed privacy invasion, the company was quick to note that it "cannot access the identities or mobile numbers of customers".

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