Nokia will continue to use NXP Semiconductors' NFC hardware in the company's latest Windows Phone devices, despite the growing movement from competitors such as Samsung and LG towards Broadcom hardware.

NFC Brief have been informed by Nokia representatives that the Lumia 925 will feature the latest revision of the PN544 (C3) NFC controller, though it's not yet clear if this will be as part of a combination chip with an embedded secure element. Using NXP's controllers allows the Lumia 925 to be compatible with NXP's popular but proprietary Mifare Classic NFC tags, as long as they've been previously NDEF formatted.

Google had previously opted for a Broadcom NFC controller in the LG-manufactured Nexus 4, with Samsung also choosing Broadcom hardware for the highly successful Galaxy S4.

The Lumia 925 will be widely available in the UK from June 26th onwards.

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