Monday, 17 June 2013

NFC Ring Announced by Geak

Geak, a Chinese technology company, have today revealed plans to launch a ring that features an embedded NFC tag.

The Geak Ring was announced in conjunction with the company's new Android handsets: Mars and Eye. The ring is essentially a passive NFC tag, which is why the company is able to claim a 99-year standby time. However, the potential convenience of having an NFC tag always at-hand leads to some interesting new use cases.

One such use case is security. Geak announced that the ring will be able to be used as an active unlock tool with their Eye and Mars products. This means that, when a user places their phone in their ring-bearing hand, the phone is unlocked and is able to function. Once the phone loses contact with the NFC tag in the ring (i.e. removed from the ring-bearing hand), the device is automatically locked again. Tag removal detection is not possible in stock Android, so this feature would only be present in Geak devices, or other devices with modified firmware.

The Geak Ring will be available for preorder this year starting on the 8th of August, at a price of 199 Yuan (approximately £20).

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