CertiMix, a company that specialises in the secure exchange of electronic stores of value, have recently announced plans to produce a physical Bitcoin that can be verified with NFC smartphones.

The Firmcoin will be a reloadable method to physically exchange Bitcoins - a popular virtual currency. CertiMix claim that the 'coins' will be cheap enough for them to be given as a form of payment.

The company plans to use NFC to strengthen the security of the product, by launching a smartphone application that is able to read and validate the amount of Bitcoins stored on each Firmcoin without being connected to the internet. In addition to this, the Firmcoins are said to feature capacitive buttons that make it impossible for the data stored in the NFC chip to be retrieved without the circuit being completed, i.e. by having a human finger in contact with the buttons. This is in an effort to prevent wireless skimming of the card while in the user's wallet or purse.

CertiMix hope to launch a KickStarter to fund the development of the Firmcoin project.

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