Barclaycard have begun issuing free NFC-enabled PayBands to individuals attending the British Summertime Festival, which is being sponsored by the company.

The PayBands allow festival attendees to pay for items by simply tapping the wristband to contactless terminals at the event. In addition to providing cash-free payments, the PayBands also allow for fast-tracked entry to the festival upon arrival.

As is standard in the UK, payments are limited to £20 per transaction. The PayBand acts as a prepaid card, meaning that users will have to load money onto it from a separate card, though Barclaycard do offer an automatic top-up feature when the PayBand's remaining credit falls below a predefined value.

This is the second sponsored festival for which Barclaycard have offered PayBands, with the Wireless festival in 2012 being the first.

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