Google's annual I/O conference provides developers with an opportunity to view the company's latest products, as well as demonstrations of how new features can be used in their applications. In a similar manner to BlackBerry, Google will be hoping to showcase the convenience of NFC at its developer conference by integrating NFC tags into all attendee badges.

Registration for the event opened on March 13th, with a Google+ account being a prerequisite for all prospective attendees. A video posted by Shawn Simister, a Google employee, has provided clarification on Google's reasoning behind the new requirement. Each I/O 2013 attendee will be given a badge with a built-in NFC tag; when tapped, the badge will open the attendee's Google+ profile in the Google+ application on Android devices, allowing for easier and quicker networking between people at the conference.

Google's I/O terms and conditions state that the badges can be used to gain access to sessions and activities at I/O, allowing Google to easily collect data on levels of engagement and participation. It is also mentioned that the badges will help Google to 'serve attendees', which could possibly signal their use as a payment system within the event.

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