Saturday, 27 April 2013

QR Favoured Over NFC in Google Glass

Pre-retail Explorer Editions of Google Glass are now being distributed to those who were chosen and approved to purchase the device for $1,500. Unlike every other Android-based device that Google has made available since 2010, Glass will not currently feature NFC connectivity.

Google's support pages have been updated, providing information about the functions available in Glass. The setup guide states that users wishing to log into their Google account on Glass via an Android phone will have to scan a QR code displayed on the phone's screen., rather than making use of NFC. This also occurs when a user wishes to start a screencast from Glass.

There are a number of possible reasons for the omission of NFC in the current version of Glass ,with space constraints being perhaps the most likely candidate. However, it's also possible that Google see pairing via the camera as providing a superior user experience when compared to having to raise a phone or tablet to eye level.

It should of course be reiterated that all current versions of Glass are pre-production units, meaning that it is still possible that retail versions of the device will feature NFC hardware.

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