A study published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare has posted results suggesting that the use of NFC-enabled devices for recording diabetes-related measurements leads to a greater level of patient adherence, with a high level of statistical significance.

The study comprised of 403 patients, with an average age of 57. Each patient was asked to record their measurements (Glucose levels, blood pressure and body weight - depending on which type of Diabetes the patient had) for as long as they wanted, and was given a choice of recording the data via an online web form, or through an NFC-enabled phone. Those in the NFC group were able to record their data by tapping the provided phone to the measurement devices.

Results showed that, during the first 350 days, there was no significant difference between the groups. After this period, it was observed that the patients using NFC phones remained more active in their recordings, with a significance level of p = 0.027.

These results suggest that the convenience provided by NFC technology can be used to encourage higher long-term levels of compliance in patients to prescribed healthcare regimens.

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