Near Field Communication technology is intended to allow direct communication between two devices held closely together. Phones and tablets with built-in NFC functionality usually have a detection range of a few centimetres. This, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of devices have their NFC antennas located in the back, makes using them for interactive displays highly impractical.

Flomio, an NFC accessory manufacturer, have created a solution that allows the NFC functionality of Google's Nexus devices to be extended by up to 3 feet (90cm).

The product, named the NFC Band-aid, is connected directly to the host device's NFC antenna contact points. This allows the host device to be able to use its built-in antenna, as well as the external Flomio antenna. However, Google's latest Nexus devices (Nexus 4, 7 and 10) feature 'sealed' backs, meaning that disassembly of the device will be required to mate the contact points. The company offers an installation service (at a fee of $50) for customers who are uncomfortable with opening their devices themselves.

The NFC Band-aid is only used to bring out a device's NFC antenna connection points. Users will also need to purchase Flomio's FloJack Mini to add up to three new contact points to their device, resulting in a combined contact surface diameter of 2.75"/7cm that can be placed up to 90cm away from the host device.

It should be noted that Flomio's products do not necessarily extend the range of the wireless field generated by a device, they simply allow extension of the device's NFC contact surface. This could be particularly useful for businesses wishing to create interactive product displays at a low cost, thanks to Google's cheap Nexus family of devices.

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