Nintendo's newly-released Wii U console has today been revealed to feature a Broadcom NFC controller. Nintendo becomes the latest technology company to choose Broadcom NFC hardware ahead of competing hardware from NXP, after Google made the switch in their two new Nexus devices, the Nexus 4 and 10.

No official information about how NFC will be used in the Wii U has been provided, but rumours  have suggested that game 'booster' cards would become available in the future, with users being easily able to extend their digital assets by tapping a purchased card.

Such plans for the future might explain why Nintendo have opted to use the Broadcom BCM20792 NFC controller in the Wii U's gamepad. By choosing a controller with exclusive support for NFC Forum compliant tags, Nintendo avoids the security risks posed by hardware compatibility with easily-compromised Mifare Classic tags.

Other benefits of the BCM20792 include supposedly increased low power performance and flexibility for manufacturers.

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