Google Wallet's Plus page provides information relating to promotions and updates for the NFC payment application. With almost every update to the page comes at least one person asking when Google Wallet will be released in x country. Google have recently changed the wording of their responses to such questions, perhaps suggesting decreased efforts to bring the mobile service to more countries.

Google have changed the format of their response, adding to it to clearly state that 'we're focused on the rollout in the US'/'we're currently focused on the rollout of the mobile app in the US'. This is in contrast to older responses, which only stated that Google 'don't have a timeframe to share' about the international launch of Google Wallet.

Some might interpret this as sign of Google lowering their international launch ambitions, as the change in terminology coincides with the launch of the still US-only cloud version of Google Wallet. However, it should be remembered that Osama Bedier, Google's Vice President of payments, has stated that Google plans to launch Wallet in at least one major European city(strongly rumoured to be London) by the end of 2012.

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