The successful launch of the Galaxy S3 means that there are now 10 million more NFC-enabled phones in people's hands. Samsung have taken advantage of this by partnering with 'street furniture' provider Cemusa to equip New York City bus shelters with NFC-enabled posters.

The posters encourage Galaxy S3 owners to enable and explore NFC with the promise of free music from Goodie Mob, featuring Cee Lo Green. Videos on YouTube suggest that Samsung's posters are not limited to bus shelters, as they are also deployed in New York's LaGuardia airport.

This is not the first promotional activity featuring NFC that Samsung have undertaken; mobile booths offering NFC raffles have been spotted in both New York and San Francisco, where participants would read their selected NFC tag with a Galaxy S3 to reveal their random prize.

In addition to NFC promotions, Samsung have also shown their commitment to NFC through the release of their TecTiles tags - branded 1K tags used for quickly storing and accessing pre-programmed task commands on Android phones.

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