Microsoft's upcoming PC operating system, Windows 8, has built-in support for NFC interactions. It makes sense, then, that manufacturers such as ASUS have started including NFC reader hardware in their latest devices. Asus are celebrating the upcoming release of the 810 and 600 Windows-based tablets by releasing their latest Android application, NFC Logon.
NFC Logon allows owners of the above tablet/laptop hybrids to easily log into Windows by tapping their NFC-enabled Android phone against the device. The application itself is very simple, requiring only that the user enters their username and password (with an option to save the password for future use), before tapping it against the tablet.

Although I'm currently unable to test it myself, it would appear that the application simply pushes an NDEF payload containing the user's credentials via NFC, so there is no card emulation involved here. Any updates will be posted here.

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