Weve, the joint venture between O2, Vodafone and EE, have today announced a partnership with MasterCard to make NFC payments a reality for 80% of mobile subscribers in the UK.

Google have today revealed details of the new features to be included in the 4.4 (KitKat) release of the Android operating System. The company has announced that the update will bring system-wide Host Card Emulation functionality to Android devices, without the need for a hardware secure element.

Telefonica have partnered with Monet+, a Czech provider of digital security solutions, to create an Android application that allows users to login to their Windows computer by tapping a phone to an NFC reader.

Samsung's latest smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, had been heavily rumoured to feature NFC connectivity for easy pairing with a parent device. However, the device's official announcement has revealed that the watch does not feature NFC connectivity.

A marketing campain run over the summer by GAP Japan has used NFC-enabled wristbands to engage two of the company's Tokyo-based flagship stores in a fashion contest.

Motorola's latest smartphone, the Moto X, is the first Android phone targeted at Western markets to feature NFC polling while the device's screen is off.

NFC technology has so far been used exclusively for the exchange of data between devices, but a newly-developed NFC display tag demonstrates how NFC can be used to provide power to other standalone electronics.